woman in gray sea shell on beach

Like a virus enters the system
Doesn’t leave without effects shown
Though results differ with immunity
Also passes on to our near and known


Finds its way through our senses
Then weaken the body
Manipulates the brain
Shrinks the heart that holds courage.

Sometimes these are faces known or in forms unknown
Sometimes reasons known or sources unknown
Sometimes self made or introduced by another
Sometimes that’s real or something unreal
Sometimes of a past or about a future

Finds it way to all realms of life
Once lived on motivation
Now driven by fear
Fear of being rejected
fear of being left
Fear of loosing
Fear of not meeting
Fear of being judged

Dont let fear enter the mind
They spread quicker among our kind
Hold your courage
Trust your vision
Faith in Supreme
Never give in the face of fear
Stand strong for those you hold dear

Speak to yourself
I can
I will
I am all that’s positive
Assure and Affirm self
For nothing can shake you
When you are strong within.