Big Skills 8.- “Teaching Skills”

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Teaching is a noble profession and the reason known to all as we had our teachers in our life -people who have the conviction to nurture young minds and mold them into something great .Teachers are our nation builder the strength of every proffession in our country grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers help to instill in our children .The skills that make teaching such an important role in our life and impacts our life time, is the same reason we should all develop those skills

But I think we all have and should develop this “teaching skills” and help our kids to develop them too. The skills that come with teaching are being able to see understand from another perspective , trying ways to get across best , making an effort to connect with another , searching for different methods to be able to get to the same point, develop empathy , compassion , self satisfaction in being of service to another , helping out another and bringing a change .Many such qualities of teaching makes it an important skill to be nurtured .

Though kids at their levels they can teach their siblings , friends or peers who need help .It helps them develop gratitude , understand how everybody is different and have their strength and weakness and a different ways of learning. Why its important to value what we got but at the same time understand it becomes a responsibility to share among them who haven’t the same skills as we do. Teaching helps them to be better communicators , maintain better relations and make room for changes and growth with time and experience.

It builds confidence and feeling of satisfaction that comes with giving another guidance or help to explaining successfully what they were unable to learn on their own. It builds stronger bonds between people who teach and learn from each other. In schools too, group learning or collective and co operative learning should be encouraged , as kids connect better to their peers more openly and have it understood at their levels which is really a good way to reach students who lag behind or helping well doing students understand other kids and make use of their knowledge in practice .

“Teaching skills” develops one in different areas of life to be more prepared , open to questions , creative in ideas , innovation in thoughts , organized in ideas thoughts and words, social skills to connect to large, telling stories or connecting through real life, use of other skills and technology for betterment of society as whole, these help to develop leadership skills .And the last most important virtue of all patience for another to understand, ready to give time , to use ways to get through , be ready to accept people with different abilities and behavior and have better control over ones emotions and anger thus always maintain a balance between efforts , expectations , result and change.

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