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Diary, Scrapbooks and Picture Books

Hi friends I am kind of feeling exhausted with growing responsibility and keeping kids connected with everything possible so that don’t feel the pressure of this change and start throwing tantrums to show they just cant take it anymore. Yes now once in a while we do take them to village side mountains , river , dams , ponds a touch of nature to keep them motivated .Emotional connection to what they do or creativity helps kids build interest and keep their minds more involved to the work or learning .They are more emotionally bent and driven than adults.

So we received this years dairy book through courier , I know its a month late already, But as soon as i unboxed it my kids were excited to see the beautiful diary with elegant cover , design and pictures .This is the first time i formally introduced them to a diary , the reason being I am not a diary person , i do scribble or make a to do list but not maintain a perfect diary of events , time and life. I believe in the more ad hoc and go kind of life rather than too much planning it works better for me , though i have small plans to execute work at hand.

Looking at their excitement i decided to give this dairy to them and introduce them to diary writing at their level .Also i let them share that single dairy now for most of the day they are doing something or the other together. They were very eager and excited about it .I told them how they could write about anything from the day their routine or some task or about something they ate or studied or played . About their interaction or kind of discussion with someone. How they felt about something , What they like , wish for or wanted to do .Their reflection about the day if they went wrong , a fight with sibling or their mothers golden words .Something they watched or enjoyed or different about the day. Self awareness points to work on they are trying better.

These help them to speak about themselves , empowers them to be more clearly know and be able to communicate about their life .They feel connected as they read it or develop more depths as they progress .Help them make sentences at their age and level with some very simple words or phrases .We can also write for them , it helps to build vocabulary and spelling as they try to express more parts of their life . Since my younger daughter is too young i let her draw pictures in her part of the dairy section, to express herself she would draw ice-creams, faces sometimes try writing random letters just to copy her sister .If the child language is not fully developed you can use emojis , icons or pictures in between sentences to express that part , either draw them or stick cut outs in between. Now during the day they many a times a recall what would they like to note down in the dairy they have started to build connections , language development , emotional expression , self aware of their life and surroundings .

These diaries can also be a scrap book or picture book where you could have daily or occasionally to make a collection of memories in the form of photos or media or artwork with a written description of the scenario or event or family time .These could be kept a memories to revisit those moment and feeling and emotions attached too them these could be from birthdays , first day, or simple things like going out , a school event , new fiend , gardening , cycling……These are more like picture diaries with a journal to revisit those moments that hold a beautiful space in time especially as kids grow and go through different stages and development in their life.

So if you don’t write a dairy or not a kind of memory collecting or emotional person , introduce your kids to this process and see how exciting and emotionally satisfying this process is and a great learning through creativity and interest .As i always say learning through interest is the best learning.

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