My Journal 24. – Nonverbal

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Hi dear friends , if you know me from past 10 months i have been blogging i write a lot about parenting and many other things .Also have started journaling where i talk about those topics from life and around i think about or feel , But what after all this I tell you I am mostly a kind of nonverbal person when it comes to expressing or interactions in real life , let me clear i have no disorders or development delays this is mainly the way i was brought up with my relations , my social interactions and my home environment and rules as i grew up.

This led me to build this version of myself with time which became more of non verbal , sometimes i think or process so much i hold my need to respond at that time , sometimes i want to express- feeling many things inside just don’t know which one to express, sometimes the lack of time frame i want to say it lengthy but in a limited time and words it just doesn’t fit , Sometimes i feel my words wont communicate what i exactly want to say and the reason goes on….This one of those reasons i don’t drop in comments though i enjoy , admire and learn a lot from all your posts. Pardon me for that but i equally am one of your followers even if i just press the like and not mention in comment.

Me being non verbal has lots of disadvantages people sometimes take of you being less human , sometimes less connectable , sometimes too strong because you dont speak of your problems, sometimes egoistic because you dont connect to around. Though with my kids i keep interacting and talking but this nature of mine has helped keep my emotions from them at bay .I sometimes need to tell them clearly i too get tired , bored , frustrated and need a time out. I came across this quote in Facebook which actually motivated me to write this.

Many people might be doing , feeling , observing , appreciating , following but just because they dont respond verbally or present themselves through their words doesn’t mean they lack all of that .Sometimes this is what gives them strength to express through art in some form , reflect , think , analyze or show through actions of love and care. Yes i am working on it , but after sometime i am back to being real me .This many a times happens with people around us those that are nonverbal or hold back much of what they say , next time you meet someone like this just don’t misjudge them for their nonverbal nature or term them – untalkative, uncommunicative, quiet, unresponsive, secretive, silent, tight-lipped, close mouthed ,mute ,dumb ,inarticulate ,reserved ,withdrawn ,introverted,shy,antisocial,unsociable,distant,aloof,stand-offish,cold,detached…Because we are none of this .

In spite of all this i am very strong at expressing or standing up for my beliefs when time demands or situation arise .I never hold my thoughts while fighting unjust or standing up against wrong or standing up for others , just that when i need to express i feel short of words in daily life. Yes many a times we are around our loved ones and we want to say or feel a lot about them but never able to say it that too is nonverbal. Sometimes the stress of changing times , growing responsibility and burden of life makes one nonverbal. Sometimes you have become so habituated to this virtual world or lifestyle you find it difficult to connect to others .Yes all of it is adding to all of us being nonverbal around our loved ones. Still lets make an effort to connect do best we can to connect and make others feel connected .Yes that are people with actual difficulties or kids with disorder and development delay that makes them non verbal but we too need to understand them and their feelings.

To end with i remembered this scenes and character from my daughter’s animation movie list “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs“. Where the character Flint’s taciturn but caring technophobic fisherman father -Tim lockwood, felt a lot for his son through out his sons life but could not verbalize his feelings which his son misunderstood . At the end the pet monkey Steves speaking and translating device was put on his head where it spoke all that he was thinking but never spoke to his son about how he was proud of his son.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words , with formal communication and creativity I have learnt with time and practice

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