Reflective Parenting

None of us are perfect and that’s the key to improvement or change. Some are really good at some parts of life that they developed or skilled over the years. But still no one is completely right 100% when it comes to parenting.

There is a need to accept changes in self and look for better solutions to handle children and their problems.This ability to re consider our ideologies, methods, knowledge, belief system with an intention of self improvement and open to change for better results is ” reflective thinking”.

Reflective thinking allows a person to be more open minded and self aware of ones actions and feelings, evaluating situation and analysing them to come up with solutions for the next time a similar situation occurs and change in our attitude towards it.Its an iterative process to get better everytime.

To be reflective we need to be ready for self betterment and look at different sources for inputs reading , talking to people, watching others or similar scenarios, feeling , asking people and thinking .Being a reflective person not only increases self awareness , improves emotional intelligence and the most important gives us a better understanding of others .

As teachers and parents dealing with children a reflective practice is very important than a rigid attitude with same thinking. Reflective approach becomes essential to think and change from the child’s perspective for their betterment and to get the best out of them.

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