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In this system of education or when used to support kids by additional tutoring at home , needs lot of preparation and back effort to work for best interest of child with focused attention and working on their weak areas needing more efforts and practice. Being ready with a proper plan based on subjects , topics , resources and sources to be used along with a testing system. This should be a detail plan with different ways , angles and self prepared resources when needed. This testing system should be more of feedback and insight based to check on their implementation , creative , cognitive and analytical skills. Identifying areas that need improvement and formulating techniques to work on those difficulties and re evaluate for improvement.

There are many advantages of home based learning main the flexibility of time , to work as child progresses, with personalized attention and customized content .It gives more focus to work on childs drawbacks or difficult areas by giving more ways to get across or connect to them .There is more freedom to incorporate various strategies , methods or activities that becomes difficult in traditional school system due to time restrictions and strict curriculum plan that’s common for all. Thus giving lot of freedom to blend ideas and creativity to meet Childs interest. In this environment it becomes easier to discover a Childs interest or personal ways of learning through which they understand or connect better.

This requires a lot of effort from parent or tutor to following a routine , taking up activities during times that suits child interest , make formative evaluation and changing techniques when a child is still not able to get to the point even after repeated explanation’s or practice. There are many practical ways using help from different sources or using creativity including learning in play or through daily routine can be used to make better efforts based on interest. There are various techniques to make reading , writing , speaking , memorizing, social , emotional and other life skills needed for overall development as a child by involving them through plays , interaction or real life experiences .Thus using more than one ways and in a well knitted ways both practical , interest based and progressive using ideas or knowledge from different sources learnt through implementation in real life scenarios and problem solving

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