Practical Ways 16 . – Indirect Questions

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Indirect questions is a good way of getting response at the same time being polite and showing curiosity. When you want a build a connect , get attention to what you are speaking or give an introductory start to a question. This also brings one as a less confronting trying to make a connection or seek answer .These kind of questions or communication works best with kids enabling them to be communicative , responsive and positive in tone .Many a times with younger kids indirect questions like can i know your name or would like to have your lunch or i don’t know what your name is or will you tell me when you need water. These kind of questions build positive response and a respectable way of communicating rather that feel authoritative or direct questioning. Using phrases like i wonder , do you know , can you , can i, May i , I had like to…..

Indirect questions in lessons and academics can be used to check concepts being taught like instead of directly asking what is definition or what it means , asking through choices or framing the sentence using similar meaning words and check them if they get the meaning and connect it to the right answer . Example instead of asking what’s a living thing , asking them is robot a living thing though it moves , then let them explain the answer. When reading stories help them answer indirect questions as one progresses like Do you think they did right by stopping the journey , Can you tell me why does the teacher tell the kids about Polly or I wonder what went wrong with the two frogs .These questions are mostly used to understand the flow of story or try to think ahead of events that may come in the story.

Indirect questions are great ways to enhance logical reasoning or general aptitude in young learners at early age , once they have learn concepts colors , number , alphabets , shapes , different vocabularies.. . Questions indirectly involving these concepts are a great way to engage them. Asking them To pick from shapes having red color or Can you tell me which one of these isn’t a vegetable or Can you tell me your favorite pet animal why do you like it. This helps them describe or explain their choices and form reasons .It can also be used to develop good behavior or manners in a inquiring way Will you ask the next time , Can you tell me why were you absent yesterday , Do you know sharing is a good habit , would you share with your friends.

These are some ways of using indirect questions to enhance response , positive statement , inquiring , reasoning ..These questions are great way of building connections and enabling kids to think and respond in a positive manner.

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