My Journal 23. – Self -Consciousness

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While we have become outgrown , confident , achievers , better informed ,more knowledge , more aware but at some point in life when we were kids or youth or at some point or the other we were very self conscious sometimes due to the way be look or some distinguishing feature or being less fashionable or not belonging to the crowd or about our image or achievements .This self consciousness is sometimes due to overcontrolling or over correcting by our own we tend to be so double check everything with what we say or do . Sometimes these leads to feelings of shy , embarrassed, nervous, awkward , uncomfortable , low confidence.

Self consciousness drives one so much they try to fit in , loose their identity or take up things they regret or would never want to, just to being part of the gang. Sometimes being very worried about what one appears or indirectly portrays oneself to be in front of other or take up very seriously another’s judgment about self. These issues leads to life changing events and sometimes total transformation in ones thought process and lifestyle, sometime suppressing ones needs and likes, just to fit in or show the best version of self.

These self consciousness makes one to build a false version of self just to please others . Sometimes unable to accept failures and mistakes as it effects ones image . Sometimes its body conscious unable to accept self for what we are with our imperfections . Lack of kindness towards self or towards one feelings and ignoring self care and lacking self awareness knowing your likes and dislike , strength and weakness what one wants and dislikes ,due to making decisions from another’s perception or taking up other opinions about self.

This self consciousness takes an individual to extreme to judging oneself from always from another viewpoint , thus it makes one difficult to be happy with self and always choosing what would be more accepted .These self conscious nature is sometimes due to our surrounding or influence of factors like media , generation and sometimes upbringing and culture .But as young adults and kids it becomes a fight within when we are still growing ,trying to make place or wanting to be part of a circle or are easily influenced we make very biased opinions and decisions without thinking of outcomes or effects it can have in the long time.

Self consciousness can be dealt by building a positive mindset and self confidence about our decisions , looks, way of life without letting other opinions effect us or have a false prefect idea of self based on that’s acceptable or cool .Self confidence needs to build as parents we raise them to be body positive ,we teach them to believe in themselves, to accept themselves as they are and love them for what they are while they work progressively to achieve better only for themselves not to show others or make a statement . The best quote to remind them would be “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ” . Not letting others judgments of your situation or life or challenges form your inner opinions about yourself . Make choices that make you feel happy and makes you a better person inside . You don’t have to prove others how worthy or capable you are , do it for your own progress and achievements will always be visible. Building self confidence is an important factor in parenting so that self consciousness doesn’t cloud their judgment about self and life decisions and choices.

Self love and self care should be first and its not being selfish, but valuing oneself for we truly are .

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