My Journal 22. – Forces of Life

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There are various types of forces as described in physics gravity , friction , applied , magnetic, spring, normal… . But in real life in human experience too I have seen and experienced around many forces though i tried to name them according to their existence in human life. There could be more type of forces one could know of or have experienced let me know if you could name them.

Attracting force :Something that works like gravity pulls down everything towards itself unless it exerts a force larger to push itself up and out of the gravitational field. Yes its a very strong force around us that keeps us grounded , connected but at the same times makes everything fixed to its norms difficult to breakthrough , this holds almost everything together at its place .To overcome that when time demands or make change is almost an impossible fight against the force and even if you make it you will be among the very few. Sometimes this force among two people a group of people or relations or similar thought process like a magnetic force repelling anything on the other pole .This divides people into choosing sides so they have a type and makes them inflexible.

Balancing force : We loose our balance going to extremes sometimes swayed by emotions , other forces or needs. This force keeps check of ourselves to remain in stable form in the form of challenges or test of times. This force is best in existence when we are around our own especially our children and they push us to see the other side of ourselves in situations and yet we maintain the balance knowing that’s what is needed in the situation and has effects beyond in the current scenarios . How we balance what we know and when actually pushed into practice. This balance is more of internal than outward portrayal.

Opposing Force : This force is too much in existence of our generation , no matter what you do or think you have opposition to it its not because of right or wrong , just because they want to oppose they find their existence in opposition . They don’t believe in evaluation or rethinking or education .Sometimes they can have hidden motives . But believe me these opposing forces makes the fight worthwhile you know there exists an opposition and you are still long ways to go , there are elements who want to put you down , undermine your value and efforts and that gives you a reason why it still needs to be addressed. These forces are a struggle for addicts when they are fighting themselves knowing its beyond their control still putting their efforts to moving out of it. This opposing force is sometimes needed to keep check on extreme forces in balance .Sometimes best to respond to this force is no reaction at all. This is a strength when protecting your interests , standing up for oneself or others not giving in the face of power or position.

Driving force : Everybody has a driving force that makes this life worth living their art , love , fame , wealth , service. This force makes the fight everyday , the life beyond our choices and control still to go for it brings in life reason for your existence. Fulfils ones motto in life to achieve for or follow ones soul and dreams. But this driving force when subdued due to other forces it brings an end to interest for life but still one should keep going in the hope to achieve them some day . This driving force gives the energy , hope , meaning to our life. Sometimes this driving force is so strong people cross all boundaries of moral restrictions , clouds the judgment , ignoring balance , become self centered and selfish.

Influential force : These effect us through out our journey some in the form of role models , mentors , social circle , generation .These could be factors like technology , environment , cultures , events , relationships. Some make an impact of lifetime , some change our course , some make permanent mark that becomes a part of our life thereafter . Some for our good some influence for their own benefit , some influence us to be best of ourselves , some bring out the worst in us . These influences effect us the most when we are in young and naïve , once we develop the intelligence to be perspective to make informed choices you choose what influences you. Still a point in life when one learns to break effects of those influence and chose what influence one would have on other despite their past and experiences is a great force of change and responsibility.

All these forces work around us at different levels from different sources at different times in our life yet if we keep the control within ourselves to regulate , impact or effects of these forces on our life and others we learn to sustain the life force . When they are beyond our control we learn to break paths out , face them , change them for no force is greater than the force of life.

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