My Journal 21. – Something vs Nothing

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This post is actually inspired by a science video of one of my favorite science video creator “The action Lab”, i find more meaning than science and connections in the way science is explained. In one of the videos he talks about “do nothing grinder” and what is difference between that seems nothing and is something. Check the link below. Ok what i am trying to say has nothing got to do with science but this video helped me think about that nothing and something debate.

Some people have nothing but yet they always find something to give on the other side some have everything still nothing to give .These who have nothing to give always want something or think something is always missing . Whereas the contended ones with what they have still share from whatever little they got. Its always the less privileged , less fortunate , difficult lives , have much to do for others with what they achieved to make a difference .Its in their pain they saw what others could be going through and make an effort to make others life a little better with something they can do. Whereas the gifted ones privileged ones always find it difficult to meet their own demands and never have something to be of service to others.

Something is never less or more . What seems like nothing to a person is something to another . What seems like nothing of great importance to think or discuss about or of value, is something of greater value to another. What’s a luxury to one is a necessity to another . When there is the imbalance of scarcity and plenty and that defines something and nothing in different scenarios.

People who have liesure to put off responsibilities choose nothing .And yet there are ones despite the struggles , true nature of the world , challenges , take it upon themseleves to do whatever they can something for their owns and others at large.No matter how small that something seems in the vast of ocean of living.

Sometimes that perceives as nothing to ones mind and eyes is just an illusion of ones limited thoughts and inexperience about life. It takes up lot of energy , time and space to make something achieve, that looks like nothing to you. But that something is actually the everything that keeps all of other things going.

This something is a hope , its an effort beyond our vision , its a responsibility , its seeing beyond self for you know what it is to have something .Yes there is nothing like nothing if you are doing something.

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