My Journal 20. – The Fancy Shoes

elegant white shoes placed on soft pouf

Today we went out for shopping to actual shop unlike online shopping we have been doing for some months where the biggest problem is what you see is not what you get , then the color , size , quality difference than what you expected . With kids it becomes the double the trouble if its a bit uncomfortable or no the right fit
it ends their excitement to follow another cycle of return and reorder a new product. Much time lost and kids patience is tested in the process. Though for some products like toys stationary its a good choice.

But with clothes and shoes i have had troubles online shopping for my kids and their ever changing choices.We are more kind of cost effective we shop that serves requirement , not much expensive yet comfortable we go for products that completes necessity of daily comfort than specific or occasional use .Same goes with our choices in clothes , footwear and accessories. We don’t believe in wearing something that troubles the skin or just to put up a classy look or the ones that look funky or party type. With shoes we go for comfort shoes that keeps body posture and easy movement without needing to balance or put up with troubles of walking awkward just to look good .

That’s how most of my choices are not that i don’t value elegant things but i like to see more of comfort first.But looks like this doesn’t go well with my kids influenced by media and being their age , they are more attracted to those shiny and sparkly things when it comes to their choice. So i make an effort to keep their preference even though i prefer t shirts and simple frocks over fancy frocks i make sure to take some with a beautiful print or little bit of sequence of sparkle to give that feel. Though i need worry about the fabric so that it doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin in their want to be fashionable or stylish. Otherwise it becomes difficult to convince them that its good for their comfort and also looks good on them. Its been long we shopped for their shoes for daily wear and since no schools or get together we didn’t think of buying anything for party type .Also all their shoes have outgrown and shrunk which always happens with everything with kids around.

In the shop, we were checking out those normal comfortable shoes to run and play around when my girls were eyeing those typical princess type shoes with bow , shine or flower and sparkle .I just finished shopping for their daily wear and they still seemed not happy for getting a new pair of shoes of their choice and color , its because they wanted those fancy ones. Yes even as gals, when we were kids we too would dream of those pair of fancy ones not because we wanted to wear them everywhere but feel good of owning one , wearing it once in while and feel being a princess .But then i was brought up to be more sensible i gave up on those choices and dreams without a questions and in time it became my choice too comfort over classy. Unconsciously i was going to do same with my kids without realizing they are still young and still believe wearing those shoes will give them a feel of being a princess right from that movie or story book. I bought one for each keeping our budget constraint letting them choose their color and design .I know when they will grow up i will tell them how they should spend wisely but its ok to buy somethings though not hoard that serves happiness than just comfort and purpose.

Yes when resources or financially limited you cant afford every of their demands but as kids always putting them up to show sensibility and making choices as adults isn’t right . Sometimes whenever possible negotiating with them give them that one thing that brings in that spark to their child world and form part of their memories , connects to their emotions and creativity.Many a times we force our choices or those that seem right but sometimes its not about being right, its about their age , their happiness , their belief in the world they see , what they want to feel for themselves . These choices make up their memories letting them explore the imaginary world of childhood and live them so they can cherish them when they grownup. These small things that children believe in brings in sparkle to our lives which have become more of calculative or logical in the process of keeping up with challenges .In process to teach them we shouldn’t take away their childhood or grow them faster than their age , they need to experience childhood in all sense to live a successful life later .And the best way to live childhood is being a child .

After we returned home both the girls took out all their clothes from wardrobe to make collection of self designed fashionable wear or princess gown and they had to wear with those shoes and act or play around the house. Yes i know for now they are limited to home in their PJs and t shirts , but why take away the small happiness they get in enacting that makes them feel no less than party. Once in while donate or buy things for kids around, also you can take proper care of your kids expensive items and clothes or toys and keep it in a good condition , when not in use or as your kids grow up share them with who cant afford to bring in that smile in their world .There is nothing more priceless than bringing smile into a kids world.

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