Why education matters?

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Why education matters in these difficult times , when there are more issues to tackle and problems to address .Education from any system homeschooling or schooling or online or distant or live is important in whichever form one receives it in .Why not receive training in a skill or learn a particular skill and get to earning , the problem with this question is education is not for earning though framed that way , next education does not just develop skills it provides all round development to a child in all areas of life to lead a successful life preparing them for the experiences. It provides a process to develop a child emotionally , individually , socially , developing intelligence , critical , analytical thinking , problem solving skills,empathy, tolerance and emotions management.

Education shouldn’t be a privilege that should be available to only some based on some criteria , but it should be available to all , its a necessity and more of a human right .Education alone has the power to bring end to those social evil’s and build a better society for all . It solves those problems we are fighting as community but for that education needs to made available to all despite various factors that limit their accessibility to education. Now another challenge comes along with this making quality education available rather than just making it available to all. Yes through education many kids across the globe are receiving their daily meals another main reason why education is very important to those kids.

Quality education refers to having the right resources and techniques and skills to making education understandable , reasonable , connectable and interest based than forced upon .This requires greater effort and responsibility after providing access to education to kids , without proper guidance and well trained resources it becomes impossible to make use of this opportunity to have access to education but getting lost in space unable to figure out how to learn and ultimately many drop out of it , thinking education was never meant for them to achieve.

I have seen many around from various age groups and belonging to different generations with this attitude towards education as if it was a burden and they never could carry it and sometimes feel the same through out their life.Many have a negative mindset about education especially developed from their early years how they are never meant for education nor a necessity , as they have achieved much through their skills or field of work. This mindset leads many to dropout of education either to focus on skill development or not able to continue or having the confidence to pursue education. Yes culture too has played important role in defining importance of basic education sometimes based on gender.

To change or correct this outlook towards education , its important to understand education is more than learning academics or concepts , it provides holistic development in different spheres of life from analytical , problem solving , critical , communication to cognitive skills. Its a system that encompasses developing a complete individual by interactions , collaborations , conduct and way of life , understanding different life forms , elements actions and reactions , world beyond our environment various diversities in culture , environment , lifestyles . This education helps one to prepare for life and challenges that one has limited or no knowledge about and develop ways to deal with it either through well established process or self formed solutions with practice

Practical life does have its importance but makes a person incompetent and incomplete without education that forms base for holistic development and gives broader view to look into details. Helping a person to upgrade , and implement newer ways or being adaptable to changes that suit changing requirements and build new strategies. So as to be able to make balance between both growth and proper use of one skills.

Its important to make basic education available for all but with right resources in a more assimilable , understandable , guided and customized form catering to students with different learning background and styles . So that they can pursue their specialties further , making education not only reachable but connectable .Education alone can help build a more resilient and empathetic and responsible generation .Reducing criminal rates , social evils and increasing environment awareness and responsible behavior .Thus enables them to work together for better individual and social development keeping the benefit of all and coming generations.

Its important to provide education to all but at the same time making education connect to them with right resources , mindset and strategies to cultivating positive mindset and attitude towards education which is based on interest and not forced to achieve .

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