My Journal 19. – Humor and Me

adorable stylish black girl making faces in studio

What makes one laugh or what humor means or what is your sense of humor defines a lot about the persons take on life , his mentality , his sensitivity to others and self .Some people think me and humor are not at good relation , which is not true only that I don’t have that twisted sense of humor which makes fun of or mocks or crosses the line of another sensitivity .I believe being humorous is a skills which requires a lot of critical thinking and experience and creativity keeping the fun part without letting it seem ugly. I have interest in a different sense of humor that’s sensible , that’s an art, that speaks of the most difficult topics of human nature , life , relations, realities those that wouldn’t otherwise find words but humor says it in the most truthful and connectable way to the masses.

I do watch movies from Bollywood and how they had these sense of humors in 90 ‘s which i dont feel appealing but with growing times in movies like dildhadaknedo , 3 idiots , pk , bhag beania bhag etc.. i have enjoyed those humor . I watch some of the famous tv comedy shows and respect their talent also some stand up comedian s though not all. I enjoy memes a lot the ones that speak of current situations or about ones life troubles in the most intelligent way. Those cartoons in newspapers and magazines highlighting issues with that sparkle of humor.

You cannot force humor in situations or make yourself look humorous yet some are talented to make it look natural and apt .Some make a fool of themselves or appear to be unstable if they have bad sense and timing of their humor. Some are very tactful , skilled to use their words and timing just right without crossing the line and just making it humorous. Its not a skill everybody can have or be good at but with life we learn to accept humor and develop ones sense of humor based on ones thinking and mentality.

Some people use humor to disguise or get across hidden agendas, ones hidden feelings towards life and relations which one would not portray or speak in other ways openly, to insult someone in sarcastic comments. Now what seems humor to a group of people or one may not seem the same for other . This is what draws line between sensible humor .Humor is also used to hide the reality of ones life , different pains or stress one is subject to or in a situation or the community or social troubles affecting the large. Sometimes humor is to hide or coverup for ones feelings of jealousy , insecurity , hatred , frustration even mental health.

Humor can be in the smallest things or acts around in our life too make life light hearted and easy to live despite all the challenges and troubles. It could be sharing figment of imagination with you kids, laughing off those stress that hold us down, .Accepting humor as apart of life make things seem lighter though not solve them and gives the strength to keep moving and make an effort to change . But using humor to hurt sentiment or life or feelings otherwise is what brings responsible use of imagination and creativity.

i am careful about my sense of humor so as not hurt other sentiments or make fun of their problems
or knowingly , unknowingly aggravate those pains that are parts of ones life or past. But i admire and respect humor a lot as an art that can be used to get across the most difficult of the topics to masses in the most connectable way .Yes they have miraculous effect on phycological well being and health provided its not used to mask negativity or effect life the in the other way.

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