My Journal 16.- The Question

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I have come with my version of the answer to the question that most of us have had some point in our life . Sometimes we followed what was told or taught us , at times we had those versions where we wanted to make our choices seem right , then we have those versions that justifies everything around us , the we again had the versions to explain what we had been put through at others will , and finally the version we seek and know from our soul without any if and buts just that’s it.

Ok i forgot to mention the question i am speaking about the question about good and bad , right and wrong, moral and immoral . Aren’t these the base on which human culture and life have actually developed other than technological development coming next in number. No one can answer this best for yourself than anybody else .Still i feel anything extreme goes to the negative side and anything with a balance in thoughts , actions goes in the positive side.

Something that can be right for you can be wrong for another . Also something that’s right for you at a time or situation becomes the wrong at another situation for you , Sometimes if you are at the receiving or giving end defines whether its right or wrong . In short its total customized definition which varies and complicates with every clause. So in short a person can never be termed as right or wrong only the actions , thoughts or situations. Well good point to taking off the burden of ones shoulders and blaming it on other factors .But that doesn’t stop a person from labelling another as right or wrong, as if they are perfect beings.

Good and bad is very objective , defined rules like the ones taught in textbooks good and bad behavior , Good and bad manners . At a point it becomes a outward way of showing oneself or maintaining that frame . But is that correct way to judge someone’s actions or thoughts . Yes it keeps our society, human life , relations , behavior , interactions , between set bounds , rules that is socially accepted by all , and easier to follow and live. Yes there are elements who clearly violate even this basic rules .But still implementation of these rules in outward way or just to show doesn’t still qualifies for good completely.

Moral and Immoral now that’s a nature easily covered up by ones skills to present oneself , to put up another face , to choose when making choices that benefits self and others , choosing the right options when have multiple to choose from , answerable to self , principles about life when you are on your own and nobody is watching .Sometimes its so difficult to judge because putting up to be moral is much easier to getting anybody accept than proving another is immoral.

Well its finally about what we know deep within , what we have always known , that doesn’t change with time and people and situations . That holds true for self and others same .These are not rules that change as one wishes , these are not followed as per ones comfort and requirement . These don’t form the human made definitions because we are not worthy of defining them . These distinctions exist and will always till end of time and will have their impact now or later on after they are done in form of ” karma”. These distinction may not be clear to our mind but our soul knows them very well and speaks of it to us , until we learn to shut it because we have decided to make our own rules that serves our current purpose or needs .Best as humans we do is try put our limited logic and reasoning to justifying how we are always on the right side , forgetting we are tiny speck in this universe so big and our logic just a case in the programming code so endless . Not everything can be defined by our logic , because our logic is limited to our thought process and experience .Yes there are varied and clear distinctions and specific answer to these questions but unless we clear the cloud of our thoughts from our limited logic and custom made definitions that suits our requirement , these questions will still be unanswered.

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2 thoughts on “My Journal 16.- The Question

  1. Very interesting and thought provoking piece. The dynamic of being taught that “right” is this certain way and “wrong” is this certain way which could be totally opposite for someone else…and that so much of our upbringing shapes how we view the world and our behavior. Thank you for sharing! Very insightful.

    1. So true , its very much on bringing but different versions form with life , situations and sometimes for benefit.

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