My Journal 15. – Timeout

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Something that has come around everybody’s life with these new normal is “timeout”. A break from those regular lifestyle those parts that formed parts of routine of our life and some of them which were real big parts of life suddenly went out and we found those time and energies introduced to many new areas of our life. This timeout had a different sense for everybody around sometimes in form redefining , rethinking , renewing , reengineering , relieving , renovating .

At individual level and its effects have had different impacts in roles , responsibilities , relationships , resources, mental health, physical well being .At economy with changing trends , choices , new ventures , improved ways , new markets and products, downfall of some profitable and well established business. At social level increased awareness, responsible behavior ,new norms , family integration, change in cultural activities and festivals.

This timeout has forced many to ponder in those areas , speak , think or come up with breakthrough ways or ideas which were just around the corner, but were long ignored or avoided with lack of time in the daily run or didn’t seem that important .This timeout has suspended and slowed down many activities which has lead to opening up to other realms or ways of life that never got the much needed attention or focus .

In the past few months and over the last year even in virtual platforms there has been revolution of a kind in thinking , in movement , in thoughts , in contents , in knowledge sharing .People have come up with out of the box ideas starting their own projects , channels or websites that benefits the crowd but also create awareness. These ideas with detailed analysis and research, put together in the most presentable and attention catching and creative form . Serving the purpose of educating , informing , bring to light varied topics that effect humankind from human , corporate , economy , global , cultural , social , educational fields. These virtual knowledge base from different sources have spread awareness , helped people to work out ways for self on their own , use this free knowledge for the benefit of self and all , which was not very easily available once .Thus making knowledge easily available and accessible to all and using this to make shift thinking in the entire generation and outlook .

There have been breakthrough inventions in products or ideas that can benefit the community at large . Some have come up with ideas for a more greener living and ways to grow and live on food within their limited places in a more organic way. Some have come with products that recycle those products so that they dont add to the landfill and some innovative products using eco friendly materials that can save our planet from more such losses to living in the future. People have learnt to turn this timeout to more better purpose also using to create opportunities and returns , benefitting the whole.

Now more than before we have learnt and are trying to tap into the power of community, save our planet and its resources , work for the benefit of mankind , fight against norms that don’t stand test of times, understanding cultures and changing scenarios , educating and sharing knowledge for uplifting all , economy shift and changing corporates strategies, organic growing and eco friendly products and recycling, saving environment and creating awareness .Yes we all are part of this change , be the change spread the awareness , do your bit and share your part of knowledge or service . Lets use this timeout to turn our planet to a better place , better living , better generation for the future times to come.

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2 thoughts on “My Journal 15. – Timeout

  1. I would like a time out!! I didn’t get very long lol … I had a minute back in March/April/May of 2020.

    Now I am so busy, because of my job, that it’s insane and I would like to request a time out!!

    After covid I could have a time out? Covid makes me NOT have a time out!!!

    The more time that goes on with covid… the more insane crazy it gets – we are VERY overwhelmed

    But I do remember the time out ❤️ it was very nice ❤️I enjoyed very much ❤️

    It is a good time to reflect and slow down and smell the Roses 🌹 per sé ❤️

    I am just waiting for covid to be handled so I can also have time out 🙏🙏🙏

    It might not be? This might be my new reality 😮

  2. Yes everybody has had timeout of a different kind , some that came with the shift in life , some with lockdown , some to take up those new ways.With kids these times have been even more difficult but these timeouts were necessary to rethink and find new ways to keep going.With people on job I can understand , because its same at my home timeout is distant thing they don’t have time for their own thing.But this timeout for the community has had different meaning overall.

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