My Journal 14. – Journey

One truth about life all agree to especially if they have seen and lived life in every aspect, know that its all about the journey not the destination.

Yes i have known people who have skipped the journey , sometimes found shortcuts to reach the same destination , but i tell you it was totally their loss. They missed all the details and knowledge necessary to maintain or sustain that trophy . Though they achieved it , it was impossible for them to figure out or even work on those basic requirements to keep going or even maintain their position . I have seen them going in a whirlwind , wild chase trying to keep up with their trophies which they so easily achieved. The reason being very simple the destination is not the trophy , its the journey ,the experience ,the lessons, the changes that one goes through and becomes the destination himself .So destination is not something one is seeking its actually the process of becoming one by going through all that leads to the goal.

A destination achieved through the right journey not only gives satisfaction or contentment but sticks with one with every ups and down . Because no matter what happens , you have learnt not only to achieve it but in the process you have decoded ways to reach there , put up with all that comes along and have learnt to deal with obstacles in the best way possible and still make it. Now every such situation , challenges or possibilities you encounter are very familiar or have had experience in dealing with. You have also made your mistakes and failures and exactly know what not to do .That’s the best part of journey you have turns , ups and down , wrong turns still you can make it. But when you are the destination even a mistake becomes a great loss or irreversible damage or burdens to carry along , not having time or ways or equipped to work on or turn them around. Also destinations have added responsibilities and a wrong decision effects many other linked with your life then.

Every journey is different for every other person .Though previous experiences and knowledge shared serve as base, but when a person sets out on journey he faces difficulties and challenges specific to his ways and approach to dealing . So its very important to travel those journeys on our own than just read or hear about them from another . All have their own set of faults and restrictions and barriers which they will learn to identify and to break on their own or with right help when needed. Through journey they learn to judge themselves , their judgments , their strength , their weakness , what works best for them but not for others and vice versa , what works best for all , making informed choices and decisions . The journey brings in responsibility and value for the destination achieved.

There will be still be some journeys you will never travel in a lifetime , but you learn about them with situations and scenarios and people you meet along the way . These journeys brings the world you never knew existed or broadens your horizon about life. This journey teaches you to accept life beyond face value and accept life with a more open perspective .

A person who has lived his journey fears nothing nor loss or challenges because he has his journey with him to lead him to many such destinations when roadblocks or dead-end appear. Always train or teach your kids to value the importance of journey than the value of goods and luxury at hand because that’s the most valuable thing if they want to achieve their destinations .Let them go through and live their journey so that they learn to work on their own and find their ways out so that the destination is always achievable for they know the journey well. These journey helps them work on their faults and failures .More than your inheritance give them their journey and share yours and other journeys worth looking up to , for they can make their own wealth and destiny.

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    1. Yes we are always wanting to give them and comfort them , but life can be learnt and lived only through journey not in possessions.Thanks for reading and your appreciation.🙏♥️