black and green butterfly on leaf


When the old ways no more serves purpose,
With changing times it outgrows,
One needs to grow leave behind a comfortable point,
Sometimes you are swayed by the winds of change,
Sometimes It comes with necessity of time.

Transformation takes its effect,
Its not an easy path.
The one that changes old norms.
The one that defines new all.
The one that evolves mankind.
The one that breaks barriers.
The one that redefines a new world.

Transformation at an individual level.
Transformation at community at large.
Transformation of social norms.
Transformation for changing times.

Stern and stagnant loses its value with time,
No matter how perfect and comfortable it seems.

Sometimes a natural process of growth,
of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Sometimes induced to serve purpose
Like the curd , butter and cream from milk

Sometimes a responsibility for the future,
Like the bud that grows to fruit and carries the seed for the new.

Sometimes part of the cycle,
a change is inevitable leading back to the source.
Like the water that form clouds,
from rain to rivers,
that flow back to oceans,
like a never ending cycle.

Sometimes these are beyond control,
Sometimes controlled to achieve the result.

Transformation are indispensable part,
Resistant to change,
Makes the path a greater challenge.
Transformation is a tough process,
As one leaves behind,
what one believes in to embrace the all new coming.
Transformation is a necessity,
To achieve the new you and me a future that’s brighter and better foreseen.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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