My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

grayscale photography of crying woman

No matter how great writer , speaker , orator or artist one are there are areas of life or living one never speaks of or sometimes left unspoken of .These are part of the unspoken words of life sometimes of the community at large we are a part of.

Sometimes these are feeling long lost , still one carries around like a love for someone that never reached the end or a love affair that ended halfway, a relation that left a scar or a loved one lost. One learns to live with it though it doesn’t form a part of the everyday .These unspoken words are like deep within that thrive there in .Relations of past with narcissist in any form or trauma that one carries along. Relations that one moves on with but there are ties that still hangs around.

Though with advancement and forward thinking this taboo has been broken , there still exists a kind of feeling that stops it from being openly spoken and questioned . Not because there is lack of courage the intricacies and complexities involved with such situations like the ones that involve child abuse , rape or molestation around their own and known people or places considered safe for them or from whom they were to feel protected .Sometimes these reflect through the victims eyes their unspoken words but not many try to find the reason behind. Sometimes its too late for one survived and endured it all in silence as they are unspoken about.

The feeling of being uncomfortable and insecure among them as you walk through their eyes or when in their vicinity . The fear of not being able to stand up with added on their great numbers .Sometimes you feel trapped and targeted still no words or ears to expel those feeling one goes through . You want to let out so that its done once for all , not having to putting up with everyday. Yet you get up ready to face it all again hoping it will end one day or you will move on some day. You move on ,but not having spoken of ,you carry it with you for all along even when those days gone, you relive them as memory haunts.

All those unspoken words of life .When they will find words in the right time with the right aid they will bring back life that was once lost in the unspoken words. Release those memories with those unspoken words , speak to them you confide the most .Sometimes help them speak and to put trust in you. Sometimes speak for words have the power to stop it, for self and others too.

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