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Story Building – Creativity, Imagination and Language Development

My elder daughter had language delays though she is good academically , she has learnt to converse at good level in her mother tongue .She still has troubles communicating fluently in English or in second language , though she has made tremendous progress every year .But in that field she sometimes lags behind her peers but that doesn’t effect her from participating in any language or expression related activities and i have also done so to keep her confidence and assuring her she will make progress in that direction. To boost her communication skills and confidence we practice a lot of activities either through play or while we do her studies .

One thing that helps build imaginations , creativity and language development is story building . In our daily visits for vitamin D in the evening they were bored with their regular cycling and decided to get into a conversation . I started with an imaginary situation of forest with them as the characters . I let them build on it and expand the stories in turns where one adds the next part to the story in order . Here they could either continue with the current scenario, expand on the detailing add expressions. They could introduce new angles or situation or character . They could even give their twists and turns and humor too – I remember how one of my daughter had in the story ordered from KFC in the forest because she was hungry .

These stories are great way of connecting to their imagination .Helps the build with their creativity and using conversations to develop language . Help them work on basics of language using correct tenses or conjunctions or prepositions and making a complete sentence to express their ideas correctly. Sometimes they learn from other participants how to build or make sentences or add expressions. Help them to add expressions through their non verbal parts of expressions and tones so that the story feels alive. Also this can be done with imaginary characters , their favorite cartoon characters or their very own animal , character toys and soft toys having a conversation or enacting a puppet with these toys through the story . Most of the time kids put in their imagination in these stories from what they have seen before or learnt around , but it also helps them to express their creative imagination of something they would like to believe in a fiction at their level.

Building stories is a great way to build connection with kids share their talks and imagination being like them . At these times when they miss their peers and friends we need to connect to them to help them share those stories that develop in their creative young minds.

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