My Journal 12. – Patterns , Phases and Pursuit

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I am more kind of spiritual person to the extent i believe in the existence and purpose of life only on spirituality. But i refrain from sharing my thoughts or knowledge on spirituality because i think its a personal journey one experiences through life and cant be learnt or taught and sought through another’s viewpoint .But i do share my logical outlook towards life that connects all living as we all are living and experiencing something that is common and connects all.

Patterns are something that you look and just connect to it unconsciously because its wired inside your brain ,simple patterns like that of a star , snowflake , tree , leaf ,cloud , waves no matter where you see them you just connect the symbol patterns to the objects like waves to sea , a heart for love , lines joining a center for sun , petals with a center for flower. Mandala art is a form of art which uses geometric patterns which represent deeper meaning spiritually sometimes represent life in micro or macro form or spiritual guidance tool in many religions and culture around world. Ask a child to draw something with imagination and you will see a basic pattern how they represent their ideas , people or objects, yes with time and creativity it is enhanced. If you look around our life itself has a pattern in our challenges , our faults , our mistakes , our relationships , our outlooks , our choices and we form the focal point or origin. But unless we learn to decode it we do not find a way out of it ,the key lies within us to bring in change in those patterns. Sometimes these are self created patterns we develop ignoring those parts we consider less important or are not focused due to our preferences and biases.

Phases are part of life that remind us nothing is going to be constant just like the moon you have your waxing and waning phases. If we try to be same and have balanced mindset in both these phases without getting upset with down phase and excited when at the up phase we are not disturbed by those ups and downs . We are never complete or best there will be always areas that would be need to worked on and these down phase gives you opportunity to work on them and these up phases are a result of you being able to work on and change these downfalls to upside.

Pursuit is something we all are after every point in our life . Sometimes its for self , sometimes for our loved ones .Sometimes its for happiness or contentment or achievement and best part it never ends. Because that’s what keeps life going .But the thing about pursuit is what you are seeking is not exactly that you may get . And what you are pursuing need not to be exactly that you want or will do the best for you . Sometimes you are looking for something else and you get something that’s equally valuable and important . In the pursuit don’t forget to ignore those that come in your way as you are down the path the to seeking , sometimes these unknown or unexpected elements bring the greater sense of achievement than what you were pursuing. Being flexible and adaptable and open to experiences in our chase of our pursuit leads us to those unknown realms which we never knew of existence .

So the logic of patterns , phases and pursuit helps us in decoding the most difficult intricacies of life and make a progress towards a better version and solving the most difficult problems of our life keeping the focus on self from within.

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