My Journal 11. Small Things

three clothespins on clothesline

There are many small things around us in home or at work that have great value despite their size or value of existence . These acts , things , expressions serve their purpose so important that most of them are irreplaceable. These small things are so valuable when needed we almost go on a hunt searching for them when unable to easily find one for the situation demands. Sometimes these small things are important as they keep other problems at bay. Sometimes its unavailability brings other dependent task to halt. Sometimes they serve a necessity to ease a task at hand. These small things could add to spark to your boring routine or light up the mood or give a boost .These small things some times add that extra zest to make everything else feel new .These small things could be a pen , pin , match box, clips, hooks, screws, needles , buttons; a little of spice , or a little pickle ; a scarf ,tie or that small accessory; those small emojis or a smile or a hug.

So are these small things sometimes you are sure carry them , sometimes keep a note to have them in your list. Sometimes they are lying inside to put to use only when need arise but still a part in every household.. Though they are not a part of the bigger picture without them everything else would have been a challenge or unsolved pieces of puzzle. These small things in life remind you of how valuable things or acts hold even though they look small to be overlooked or considered to be insignificant their impact is much greater. These are those that operate like a background process at back of your mind unconsciously so that those big tasks at hand get accomplished successfully.

These smallest things sometimes bring in the energy or vigor to our day and life .Sometimes its the smallest acts that we ignore around our loved ones . Our words of comfort , a hug , a greet through the day , a smile to keep them happy is all that is needed to brighten up even the most stressful days. There are list of small things that you note and keep check whether going out for a picnic or vacation to make sure your life is comfortable and you can meet those basic necessities and still have a good time , not having to worry about those little things. We can do our bit for our planet by smallest acts using natural products , re usable items , avoiding plastic bags, segregating waste , planting a tree .Make a list of those small things that make you happy and take out time to make your life a better living so that you don’t build up on those negativity. There are always those small things that you need to be grateful and happy about that gets missed in the daily stress of life . So are these small things , acts and expressions a great influence, necessity and reminder to make a better living for self and others.

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