My Journal 10. The Masala Box

Every Indian home has this spice box in their kitchen which contains a variety of spices either as whole or as powdered mixture called masalas . Each masala has different combination of spices for different taste for different foods. Sometimes a combination of these masalas are used in different proportion to get the required taste. Not only that each masala goes in to the cooking process at different times and with different ingredients in different quantities. So as you see these masala box not only a symbol of variety but maintaining the right combination , in the right amount and used at the right time.

Too much of spice spoils the food also there is a procedure to use the spice when cooking a particular dish. Well nobody told be about cooking this way until I put in my own efforts by landing some dishes in dustbin. So is about life though there are wide varieties and options to add spice to life. We need to maintain the balance choosing the right options at the right time. Sometimes its more about the process and following the rules but sometimes as you learn with experience you can learn to experiment to bring in changes without spoiling the dish still bring in something new.

Sometimes different cultures have their own masalas which are even sold by the dishes or specific place name , specific to an areas taste . Like in some places in masala they prefer using more of red chilies , some just chilies with color , some use grams , some use dried coconuts in their masalas , some even have different colors, to bring in their culture flavor specific to their taste . Though rest of the ingredients are same , some specific ingredients which match their food taste are a mark of their masalas. Sometimes these are due to genetics or taste buds or a common food of that area .

But here in India every state has their own kind of masala meeting their liking of taste . And everybody here likes to taste this variety in spite of their marked difference . It brings in those flavors of different places and a taste of their food gives us a visit to their culture and life in a way. So is with life your culture , your background does make your choices a bit common or taste specific but you like to learn and experience from other cultures too , this brings in the variety of life .

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3 thoughts on “My Journal 10. The Masala Box

    1. This one a product pic from online shopping.But I have a very simple one.Do you also use masala in food and from where to you get them from a shop or your friend , do you know the name of masala you use.

      1. Got it… thanks! She likes air tight spice containers but I’ll order online or she’ll get or I’ll get at the Indiah store soon!!! Thanks tons!!!!❤️

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