Conflict Resolution

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Conflicts are a part of life you cant always expect things to go your way or the right way nor will you always give in the face of you don’t want to accept or be a part of or you want to solve a problem to avoid any more troubles. Sometimes you don’t want to take up a conflict but others want to drag you into it. In short its unavoidable part of life.

There are many reasons for conflicts and various methods in which conflict can be handled. At home especially there are times and different reasons for conflicts which need to be handled in the right way to avoid disturbing the peace , or further escalation or any major long term troubles. Each conflict needs to be checked in a different way, with a different mindset so we don’t end up in the wrong situation or get the wrong version of ourselves. Biggest problem is that when people are a part of conflict is they easily sink into being a part of it with all their mind without giving a second thought of resolving it or ignoring or working out ways which suits best the situation and person on the other end and how important the relation is.

Sometimes a basic discussion , explaining the details , reason , effects with a more positive attitude than blaming or judging does it all when resolving conflicts . With a more empathetic behavior , help the other connect how its going to be for their own benefit helps in coming to the same page where it benefits both with a common goal. Give them better options without being judgmental of their current scenario and let them work on it . At times the focus should be on only to stop the conflict and at later stage when the atmosphere is calm you can work out on solutions or suggest corrections highlighting the after effects.

Sometimes in conflict the other is least bothered about the other person or is only interested in ones benefit and getting ones opinions across without knowing the impact on the other. In such situations be clear with your stands and disapproval mentioning your reasons, When they tend to force others to accept their viewpoint .

Problem arise when there is no logic or reason valid behind the conflict , a result of some frustration or vent out for some other reason in such situation no matter how hard you try to work out or talk the situation it wont work , as the person is in no mood to listen .Some things in mind during any conflicts helps in resolving it better.

  • Talk to more responsible or person at higher position when not able to get across directly with the person in conflict.
  • Refuse to get into discussions that doesn’t adhere to basic manners or ethics .
  • Always maintain decorum and set rules so that conflicts don’t turn ugly.
  • Always have your set of points handy about the topic from similar scenarios or related topics that need to be addressed or highlighted.
  • In a conflict both sides want to prove they are right , so never waste your time proving the other wrong . instead explain your side of the point with better strategies also from point of view from the other side of conflict and how it would benefit both.
  • Don’t loose your control of mind as these may lead you to paths to may regret later , which shift the conflict more into ego clashes.
  • Sometimes when both sides are not willing to accept have a third party to mediate and come with a non biased solution to the problem keeping the benefits of both sides.
  • Never get too personal or emotional in a conflict it clouds the judgment and our ability to respond in a proper manner.
  • In a conflict never try to force your opinion or change the others opinion or feel depressed of not being able to get across , because there are difference in opinions and may always be the same , it is more of working out a mid way or making the relation work for further collaborations.
  • Never get carried by another’s behavior , language or talks instead stick to your points and maintain your calm .Once you are calm that effects the other side to be calm in response.

Sometimes conflicts can end with negotiation working out mid ways keeping interest or issues of both sides coming up with agreeable terms .Sometimes accommodating or smoothing in conflicts to give up your side for others benefit or keeping your concerns secondary as your happiness lies in meeting others needs.

In a conflict remember to accept the the other end for exactly what they rather then trying to bring about a change or trying to explain or getting your viewpoint accepted . In short keep your expectation from the other side just right , its for resolving the conflict , bringing in correction or desired change is totally another process overall. Also an effort and preparation should me made to avoid such conflicts in future and resolved in a manner it doesn’t cause trouble again.

Last never carry the effects of a conflict with you around it will affect other work and relations too . Try to leave and let go. Especially around home make an effort to get to resolve that’s best for all and some times let time do its role. Not everything can be solved at the moment some will go through its course to reach a point till then have patience and keep away the conflicts. Sometimes its important to maintain healthy distance and sometimes its better to take decisions for the best of every other member than just putting yourself forward. Sometimes you just leave it as a part of past as it no more exists or we have outgrown it.

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