Self – Confidence

calm african american lady with floral headband touching face

Self Confidence.

I have no interest in what you got,
But will stand up for my thoughts.

I wasn’t made in a day,
All the efforts and sores make me today.

I will not ask what you got,
will not let you question that I got.

Its more than my possession.

Its my journey, my memory, my identity.

I will care for it,
I will fight for it,
I will protect it,

Its my will ,my strength ,my conscience.

I dont care for your validation.
I dont want your recognition.
I am not looking for your affirmation.

I wont ask what you got,
wont let you judge , ruin, flaw that I got.
I know exactly what I got,
And will cherish it without a second thought.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

16 thoughts on “Self – Confidence

  1. Wonderful poem!

    “I dont care for your validation
    I dont want your recognition
    I am not looking for your affirmation”

    I especially love those lines and that youb refuse to be a prison to someone else’s definition of who you should be! Kudos to you! ❤

      1. Oh wait! “Bullying- Being Aware and Being Prepared.” From back in October. I read that, then liked and commented. Thank you so much for referencing my post! I’m both honored and humbled! ❤❤❤

      1. Wow! What an awesome poem! That sounds a lot like our current leader and his cabinet and appointees! Thank you so much for posting! In school, I stood up to anlot of bullies and boy! They didn’t like that and only escalated the bullying to punish me for daring to open my mouth. But in the end, it all worked itself out.!

      2. Thank you, this is a common scenario in which bullies live and the only way to fight when there are numbers in fighting back .

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