Teacher , Parent and Child Relationship

multiethnic students and teacher listening report of student

There have been times to get children to understand or listen we have to talk about or remind them of their teacher . What the teacher would think or say about for a particular situation or problem and then we get a immediate response that’s the power of the teacher – child relationship. There are some areas of child that no one knows better than a parent who has seen the child develop through all the flaws and work on them together that’s the power of parent – child relationship.

This is the most important relationship between a teacher a parent and the child that forms the base for development of child and making a path to successful future of the child . This relation is most effected in current times due to the burdens on various roles and lack of those communication links which were once easily accessible. These lines of communication between a parent and teacher are the most important ones for inputs , feedbacks and making changes from point of view of a Childs development in the right track with the right interferences and at right time.

The key to this relation is the different inputs , practice and different environments in which the teacher and parent face the child. A child behaves or responds differently in these two different environments which have totally different atmosphere when it comes to their freedom , following rules , making connections , people they connect to, their inner self and the their outer behavior or responses for others. When at home parents know their child from their journey , their strengths and weakness , how to go about them , how much progress they are making or their speed of grasping . Whereas a teacher knows how well the child connects with peers , the outside world , confidence , their ability to express beyond their comfort zone ,those critical big skills that need to be developed being part of their peers.

That doesn’t undermine any of their importance , instead a strong bond between the parent and teacher helps develop and work on the right ways or strategies to make the child work best at home and at school , from point of view of personal as well as social development. The child looks at both these relations from a different lens a parent more of a care giver a teacher more of a mentor who has power of collaboration , connections and collective learning with peers of the Childs age. Its very important to build these relation stronger rather than having responsibilities pointed out and work together for the Childs development.

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