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Organized and Build Up methods of learning

My daughter just finished her third semester of this year , it went much smoother even with all the challenges we faced at home front and health front . I have always cultivated and followed an organized regular method of learning than adhoc and crash course ones before exam . It very important from the point of learning , making it less stressful and at the same time helping the child grow as they progress in academics.

Learning just for exam even if it gets you good grade serves no purpose especially from the future point of view . I use every academic semester of my daughter to bring in something new or ways to learn and give her more independence to learning with every step . Till last semester i used to read out her lessons and explain them to her , this semester i let her read , comprehend , make connections , you can check out the post rereading to comprehend. Last semester my daughter learned some math’s operations i made sure to mix them up as adhoc problems and help her think to identify and what operation she would use to solve those problems , we did most of them informally as we would have a discussion . This helped us connect those concepts and their marked differences.

I have made a conscious effort with my kids learning to follow an organized method and make progress that i would want them to work on in a step manner this doesn’t in anyway effect their performance or result of exam . But i make this effort for them to keep up with their academic development. For every subject and content type i have basic notes of graphical summarization and list of words or jargons prepared to help connect on a regular basis. For language subjects i let them make their own effort to understand those lessons or poems understand and make links of meaning behind the text .

Also i follow a certain process when i begin a chapter or a subject beginning from making real life connections , reading out and writing down the words or phrases and what they mean , explaining parts and moving forward with questions to ask or think . Finally making a conclusion or summary in own words. Making notes of the list of words or concepts in short without putting in all details . Putting important note points . Finally i never profess or follow the mugup method strictly , for a question i explain what is required or let her reframe it . Then help her give answers in her own words no matter if it goes grammatically wrong , i just make sure she is answering to what is asked . Then help her to make those changes to her sentence formation like used for , used to make , from , to , for to . ..I know this looks like a lengthy process and too much but since i am following this from start even me and my kids are used to it , not only that they also have learned exactly the process that helps them learn better than just score. My final aim is to prepare them for self learning in years to come as i will guide her now through organized ways of learning.

There are many benefits of organized learning . Saves lot of time that gets wasted running around the bush . Makes connections and retrieval from memory easier. Easy to memorize and access them and make upgrading learning easier. Avoid confusions and repeated errors. The best part you have enough time to manage and learn other activities without the stress of missing out on studies.

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