My Journal 9 . – Signboards

photo of woman holding signboard

Yes the ones you see on roads those that make safety rules for all while walking driving or using the roads. Well those people abide by law , but i am talking about signboards at different places to put a notice , bring to attention or say something that is very basic human logic and most of the time it serves no purpose all. They have the sign boards to warn about something a notice to remind or sometimes a rule to follow the funny part is none of it serves its value and yet are placed in those places. The most common example around here is telling people not to spit and right under the signboard you see abstract red painting which changes everyday. There are some signboards for you own safety like the wet floor or signs on door which people never miss . Looks like they are selective when it comes to reading signboards.

These signboards tell you rules like to be alert or  about danger or precautions but it never serves its purpose . These are words which speak of basic human etiquettes or manners or behavior or measures to be taken in a place .This applies to all , but never effects those who don’t know how to read or are tempted to do so after reading those signboards. Like the ones don’t cross railways tracks , school ahead speed slow , wait for your turn, seat reserved for women and elderly or pregnant  actually we don’t need these signboards then why are they still hanging or stuck everywhere. Shouldn’t all this come out of responsible behavior or etiquettes or good manner’s.

Sometimes i feel like carrying a signboard telling people to behave in a more civilized or  mannered because if you tell them on their face they feel offended that they are being pointed out . Nobody feels that bad when you point out something wrong than they get offended if you show they lack basic manners. So is the case with the youth now with the effects of media and much open minded or free parenting and lack of control on them they tend to behave out of space , they walk the line between arrogance and innocence . When you point  out they are being insensitive about others or not careful about their actions they are defended by their owns saying they are innocent and are still learning. Well i think manners , etiquettes don’t appear in a certain age like intelligence these are basic human skills we learn by living around our kind and learning to behave human , right from when we start. Yes our upbringing and home atmosphere plays a crucial role in developing a polite and socially responsible behavior. Try telling someone verbally they lack manners you will see the best version of their ego , i think that’s best to have these signboards. Also people will advise you on everything in this universe just tell them to instruct someone from not doing something morally wrong its like they have lost their voice for sometime.

With all form of formal training come to halt due to COVID,  i fear  we will be having signboards put up everywhere for everything in near future,   if we don’t take efforts at ground level at our home to develop basic human skills more than just academic skills.

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