A mothers heart

crop woman holding baby clothes while resting on couch

I look immovable
I look strong
I look unshakable
As i stand like a rock
For your life in my arms

It hurts me too
I felt broken too
I have seen nights pass
waiting for dawn to arrive
Sometimes at the edge
Fearing this time i wont make it
And then a power
rising from a prayer within
I get going
As if all of it never been

I feel the fears
I feel those tears
I feel the choke
Unable to bear

But then I clean my sore
I have to attend to chores

My efforts though not seen
Nothing sticks so long without me
Nothing moves on its own
Nothing replaces my warm hugs to get you back on toes

I maintain serenity
I show equanimity
I uphold dignity
So thats your belief stays sturdy

I make choices
Sometimes between theirs and mine
I make decisions
Sometimes for them and then me
I make it work
Sometimes for them before me

Dont take this for weakness
or burdens i carry
Yes i am really tired sometimes.
But nothing can stop me
Till the end of time

If I am around
Just look at me
From soul true within.
I can read your eyes
And sense your heart
For i have lived more in them
than in my own past

A dedication to all mothers , warriors of all times and these times when all is in their hands , still they expect nothing more than a hug and a smile.

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