My Journal 8. – Superhumans

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We all have been in this phase or point which push us beyond our limits and we feel like superhumans. I am not exaggerating actually when we remember those memories even we are shocked how could we do something like this. Human mind is beyond comprehension. May be that’s what about humans when time or situation demands and the passion , longing or urge to make it so high we learn to push all limits. These make me believe those sci fic stories where they develop superpowers.

I have had many such experience being a girl , a women and mother . But one such situation which is fresh as new in my memories. My second daughter was born in a foreign city as we relocated while i was pregnant . The language , culture and medicine therapy was a bit different . But we did some preliminary research while we chose a nursing home with a good doctor . As i was already having complications and the decision was taken a little earlier for the safety of all. Right after the surgery the baby was shifted to another hospital for some preliminary checkup for some doubt or signs while i was still inside OT. This hospital was far away from where i was admitted and i was immovable.

I remember the feeling clearly i wasn’t able to hold my baby even for a little after birth . I longed very much and the wait seemed very long to bring her to my arms. My husband told me to have patience as the test were on and the current hospital didn’t have an NICU facility. I realized the mistake we made in our decision. It took around two days to confirm everything was fine with the baby . My husband was busy making rounds and with our elder one who was just 4 years then.

Something superhuman happened in this entire episode for 2 days from the time i came out of the OT till the time the baby came to my arms , my eyes never shut not even for a second . may it was due to the longing or other reason beyond my control my eyes just stayed open. After 2 days they were going to discharge her and i was waiting right from the morning but it took evening for formalities to complete. And finally when she arrived i carried her i felt relieved after almost two and half days of wait.

The next day i could sleep with her next to me and first time after those 3 days my eyes went to sleep. When i think about it now it was no less than a superhuman experience for me to be able to be awake for 24 +24 +24 hours in a stretch after a surgery . I know some wont believe it and if you do you sure would have had those superhuman experience. Yes i thank God everything turned out to be fine for me and baby. Its been more than 3 years time passed but those superhuman experience never left my memories.

So is with life and humans , we don’t know how much or what we are capable of but at times even we cant believe how we were capable of doing something otherwise would never seem possible. May be its wired more beyond our brains , from our heart or mind where we all are superhumans inside. Share your superhuman experience of pushing beyond self for oneself, for others whether about a race or those scenes like from Bollywood movies or one of the impossible fights of life ..

Yes there is a superhuman in all of us it just needs the right triggers and reason to show up. We don’t have to be superhuman everyday of our life but try beyond ourselves for making a difference for other which we are very much capable of .You can check out videos on ‘people are awesome’ ,how people develop and show some unnatural and superhuman aerobics , athletics or sports skills almost impossible to believe though it involves lots of preparation and practice both mentally and physically it looks beyond human normal abilities.

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