My Journal – 7.A Birthday Post

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Hi Dear friends , Today is my birthday .
Astrologically i am a cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.
That makes me the complicated and dual person i am ,displaying the traits of a hardworking and focused Capricorn and intellectual mindset of a Aquarian . I do believe in astrological influences and stuff, have even given a much depth read into it at some time in life. May be it makes me the person i am . But i am finally the sum of my experiences and decisions.
I have always had this open mindset to accepting changes or new ideas . But with strong principles i don’t bend at any cost. Well that’s too much of me. My blog is very extension of my life and my thoughts , though not a complete picture as its limited to words and topics and life is far more vast to be put to words.
Still today i make an attempt to define life as it seems to me in the least of words.


Life is freedom
without which its never yours
Life is courage
Without which life is never worth
Life is voice
The only way to show it matters
Life is faith
In the supreme power and submit to him alone
Life is Love
Love for life , for life is the only way to serve

Yes we are fighting times life has become very valuable .
May be its right time to assess and rethink our life and living.
Not for us But for life to sustain after our living.

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