Big Skills – 6. Random Acts of Kindness


There is too much of negativity around with the challenges and struggles and so may obstacles to the normal routine which was very easy once .Everybody is learning or coping or figuring out ways. The only thing to avoid the most is to add to this negativity and spread it around. Something that can do the most now is random act of kindness to spread the positivity . Positivity is not a fake mindset by ignoring the current situation but a necessity to stop pushing people to the edge when they are already making an effort. To give them a much needed support , sharing your energies and experience because you know or you can or have something that help others get that boost to keep going. It doesn’t need you to be special, everyone can do their bit of spreading the kindness around. How their small act makes another feel stronger , cared for , a much needed power to keep going in their life .

Complaining or judging or criticizing wont help in brining in the effort in right direction. Instead do what little you can do to keep it going .No matter how small an act is even a small push in the right direction sets a point from where you can go next time ahead. These acts of kindness gives the belief even you have a strength to make it happen for others and are important part of this universe as a whole. We all carry an important small part of this universe through our experience , through our existence, through our knowledge. To show others they are not alone , through your random act of kindness and there is hope even when everything looks out of place gives inner strength to go on and even stand for others. They wont meet you again or know your name but it lights a lamp in their heart of kindness which they too will spread around which may come back to you or your future generation .

Random act of kindness is that sparkle that you spread around without anything any return without any expectations ,Not getting recognized , not accepting anything in return , just do it make someone feel good or give them a much needed or awaited push. Offer service , donate , help or participate and contribute through acts to people or places and make them feel happy and believe in goodness. They don’t have to be known people , nor always out of sympathy just an act to spread the love a gesture of kindness to show there exists a feeling when you do something just to spread the positivity. It influences many others to do same when they want to and know the feeling of doing their random act of kindness. Helps people feel blessed and that small act releases some amount of stress or brings in a relief or smile in their life.

Random act of kindness are acts of kindness that was not pre planned , randomly done not in some decided paths or ways without much thinking about the benefits or return you will get. They don’t have to be in the form of just objects, simple things like a caring gesture , contribute , help or share when someone known or unknown is in need or just to spread the beauty of living and happiness around .At a personal level doing random acts of kindness improves self worth , feel calmer and optimistic about life. You feel good and your mindset changes with spreading positivity .It makes you feel valued as you make a difference , how you can influence others feel and behave .It also has a ripple effect as more of us around start doing random acts of kindness around them.

In short its like the jadoo ki jhappi , a hand to help unload the burden, a tip for them so they can cry with joy, a service for free when one cant afford it. Below are links I found useful if you want to know more about random act of kindness and how to help your kids implement them through small acts in daily life.
It could be smallest thing around from lighting up someone’s day , to bringing smile , to unrecognized or to unknown people , acts towards our community and responsible behavior towards our environment.

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