My Journal 6. – The Makeup Box

I have never been much of a beauty conscious or look focused person , due to struggles at my personal front and ambitions to achieve, the only aim and I was very focused . Yes this left me out of the crowd , then i didn’t give much importance to it or it never bothered me. Even my husband who has been my college mate accepted me the way i was for what i was , still it never was that important for me to put in efforts to care the way i looked .I was so out of it , never even had routine skin care or even used a single cosmetic product in a day , may be the way i was brought up or too much dedicated to work.

Now after my 2 kids and medically problematic pregnancies’ the signs started showing outside though, inside i felt the same good and energetic as before.One day we were going through random clicks and i felt myself out of the place in those pics really tired and older than i am ,Still it didn’t matter to me . Thats when my husband suggested its time i should take out some time for self care routine or work to look good. I didnt like the suggestion but still didn’t mind giving it a try.

I started with the some basic products , cosmetics and makeup which i ordered online ( yes i did a lot of review and research the kind of person i am), the first few months i felt like giving up due to lack of interest . I chose makeup shades more close to nudes or skin tones as it was very new for me and didn’t want to go with what i wasn’t comfortable with.

The positive signs started to show i felt myself look better , more than that my kids loved the way i looked because they thought, i felt better from the way they looked at me. They started connecting me to other moms around and didn’t believe even i could also know about those stuff. They too started to take interest in self care , seeing me take care of myself though i have told them makeup isn’t good at their age . We came up with some herbal and natural ways from the internet to care for them. Also i made it a point to tell them not be very obsessed about it , its just like every other care routine about yourself as beauty too is an equal power as intelligence and both needs to be valued.

The thing is that unconsciously people judge you or make opinions or conclusions about you without even knowing you, by just looking at you. This changed a lot about how people around me thought , reacted , behaved or responded though that didn’t change anything that was inside me . It became easier to get across and show how i actually felt inside without much efforts. Yes i don’t feel the same everyday nor does my body but i follow the routine to help me look the way i would like to be . The days i feel good i experiment with brighter or shades i wouldn’t mind trying, the days i feel ok i go with sober tones .Yes it is an art i had to learn, its not easy as it looks try checking out makeup videos on Facebook the creativity the details that goes into it and the transformation is amazing.

Sometimes its not about masking your inner self or putting up a fake smile but its more about reflecting what you feel inside or you really are . Accordingly you choose the shades and strokes .Sometimes its not about you its about people you love to feel good, knowing that you are feeling good because you care for each other.

The last part if you know these eyeshadow , blushes , lipsticks palette have a number of shades sometimes very colorful and sometimes shades from the same family . Most of the time we don’t use some shades at all because we are not comfortable or don like wearing them . But the same looks good on another or are their likes . So is with life , your choices could be restricted or your likings limited but life has many shades even the ones you don’t live . Share those shades with others around who use them happily and see those shades live through them .Just because you don’t use a shade doesn’t mean those shades don’t exist or are not liked by others.

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