My Journal 5. – The Roti’s

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For those of who you don’t know roti’s, are circular flat Indian breads made at every home in India. To eat with either cooked vegetables made as curry or bhaji or any non vegetarian curry. Its such a important part of Indian food. Its almost made everyday in numbers as per home member strength, from 10 – 30 are made at a time , some times two times a day. The time required to prepare that number of rotis varies on the skill of the person making it and expertise.

The process involves kneading the dough of whole wheat flour with hands and water and then breaking them into small balls and rolling them in to flat circles in an instrument called belan and paath/ chalka( wooden base with rolling pin) rest you can watch it on YouTube video. An average household depends on these roti’s for their day for it stays fresh longer ,easy to carry as tiffin’s in schools and office and most preferred due to health benefits .It’s easy to carry as it stay dry and fit for consumption even after long hours.

Another thing is that even though its so popular , with the information i have seen around every woman almost 98 % knows how to make rotis ,whereas from men and boys i have seen around i can bet not even 30 % knew how to make roti’s or prepare the dough at least. This makes them totally dependent on the women of the house or other sources for roti. Its important as mother we train both our girls and boys to make rotis for their own independence and easy living in future . As both the men and women are given equal education and are sharing financial responsibilities in a marriage ( equally may be more or less) , they need to be skilled equally to take care of their home. Not only that if its such a important part of life why train only the girls let the boys also learn them to be able to be self dependent and extend their support in smooth function of family responsibilities.

Now let me explain learning to make roti is not that easy at start sometimes takes lot of practice. no matter how skilled instructor or who is teaching you, its like riding a cycle or swimming but much more difficult because more than the instructors help , it develops as you actually practice it .Now every married woman at least has to know how to make roti’s , the problem with me is that i spent many years in education not because i was very interested , i used to spend reading same thing from different books trying to understand and get in depth. Also was never much interested or thought it would be necessary to learn roti making.

But as responsibility came upon me and my husband too didn’t know how to make rotis.
I just got into the job , at first they looked like world maps with practice and my own techniques worked out with time i managed to make those that looks and taste like actual roti’s. The problem was in this phase i was looked down upon by other women how incapable i was of making rotis which was basic necessity to sustain a home. But nobody ever tried to know the reason or help me out with that problem. So it goes, when times are tough and necessity arise you are pushed to learn those skills that you never found important or never made an attempt to on your own.

Ok just to inform you with advancement there are roti makers available but constraints in using it is -particular dough type and taste and kind of roti’s it makes. People still prefer the traditional ways. I guess we should take out of time for all those skills despite our lack of interest if its needed to lead independent and sustain a better life. Also we should train our kids without any disparity so that they are not looking for dependency instead are strong support system and independent for themselves and their family. Looks like the roti’s taught me a lot about life.

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