Innocence and Arrogance

young woman helping friend during headstand exercise in studio

Innocence in a Childs play
Arrogance is a Tricksters play

Innocence is Beauty
Arrogance is Filthy

Innocence is questions with Curiosity
Arrogance is to question with Authority

Innocence is laughter that adds sparkle to your eyes
Arrogance is laughter that breaks the inside

Innocence needs no Justification
Arrogance needs Correction

Innocence needs Guidance
Arrogance needs Repentance

Innocence is like clear water and pure soul
Arrogance is like poisonous creature an immoral soul

Mistaking Arrogance for Innocence
Is like caring for weeds right under your sunshine
Destroying all the crops and the farm in the coming time

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