My Journal 4. The eagle and the crow

silhouette of bird flying

From my younger days I have been more of spiritual person .At that time when many of them at my age were discovering life i was questioning life and reason with my greatest teacher “google and soul searching” . I started to read about many practices to text to religions around the world , their ways to the same destination. After some time living and experiencing more facets of life in different circumstances and situations i learned life is the best teacher and at times we do get help in form of messages through nature and events around us .Since i am religious person with a more bent to living in practice and reading the messages . One thing that i got into, though its different than superstition is reading the signs around , and then interpreting through my teacher “google” in the form of totem and trying to find a symbolic reference or meaning .I read many articles for the particular topic .You know endless viewpoint out there on the topic i want to interpret, some positive some negative , but at the end i put it into a positive way for me and believing only in the positive message behind it.

Now with covid times i almost very often take my kids in the evening to terrace for their dose of vitamin D. We spend some time playing ,cycling or soaking the sun. Today i was more watchful of birds with the bird flu cases around in rise. I suddenly saw this event which was a shock for me. An eagle was flying a bit lower circling around and just then from somewhere a crow started attacking it and then some more crows joined in they chased it for a while , till the eagle took speed and flight and flew to higher level where the crows couldn’t reach and gave up the chase.

I googled the meaning behind it both the spiritual and scientific angle. Let me tell you the combination of both the information i got . Actually the eagle is a stronger bird then how come the crow was attacking it , this happens when the crow wants to protect it space or nest : so no matter the might when it comes to protecting our owns or self defense even the smaller ones put up a tougher fight.

Now the other side to the story the crows just didn’t want the eagle to enter or fly in their zone and they were more in number so they might have put up a show of their strength, but the eagle instead of responding rose to a higher level and left them behind unable to cause any trouble to its peace .

The lesson is whichever character you connect to the crow then learn to defend strong and the eagle learn to fly high and maintain your peace. Always take the positive part from either side of the story.

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