My Journal 3. The Lamppost

It is always late bed time for me with finishing all the left work , to putting kids to sleep and then some time out for myself. During this hour of night when i look out of my window which is at a higher floor , i see the lamp post the one with the four lamp heads and tallest one right in the middle of crossroads . This one gives out so much light the place looks clearer and brighter more than it looked during the day. When i look at it everyday for sometime to check out the night time outside that’s the only thing that grabs my attention . The roads silent , shops closed , no more crowds , no more busy stalls. A clear plain road and the brightest lamppost.

It was there the whole day when nobody much bothered or noticed it , evening it lit up the busiest part and night it served its purpose but for nobody to see. But during the night, it lit the road gave it reason for existence, the people sleeping in darkness , but it stood there lighting up the place . Its purpose served was equally important though nobody was using it . During that time it gave the place an existence, made all those around sleep in peace , a feeling of security and peace of mind for being . It wont be recognized much so is its duty also it serves a purpose not every mind can perceive.

So is with life everything has it importance at the right time and the right place , some serve purpose straight , some serve purpose we don’t get , yet nothing is that small to be overlooked or big to be made great. With time and situation the importance of people and things change, but its equally important as it still serves a purpose that benefits others in many ways. Sometimes we want it to be dark inside but still a light outside to know there is something still out there that makes us feel safe.

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