Big Skills 5. – Empathy

Empathy is able to see beyond self , understanding the position another is in by seeing ourself in their place.This is to able feel their condition , giving the right response and helping them feel better in the process.

This is just not for others having empathy benefits self in many ways .Empathy allows a person to be knowledged about life , circumstances , different people and their conditions , realities beyond what one experiences .It helps to understand factors that are responsible for a situation or issue one is in, than just being judgemental and critical. A lifetimes is never enough to know and experience all , its this empathy that broadens our knowledge about life and living, building and maintaining relations, to be more human in this technology driven world.

Empathy empowers ones to communicate , connect , collaborate, work together as we learn to see the other side of the horizon beyond our vision.Its what brings people closer and heals together , work on problems than label and blame games .

Empathy develops emotional intelligence as you try to understand and connect to their emotions , you develop better ways to regulate and handle your emotions and speak about your emotions.Without empathy love can never be achieved , for love to live and continue there will always be a need to emphasize in situations that may occur beyond ones control between relations.

We need to practise empathy with people, family and kids. Kids learn to be empathetic following their parents do it. Also encourage them to do so with their peers and show them how it helps them develop as complete individuals.

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