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Collectives Learning, Group Study

Its third semester exam time of ongoing year, for my elder daughter in such times with online learning.She missed a lot too this time with challenges at health front .But we covered up slowly in a planned and calm manner.There is still much to do before the day .We are taking one topic a day to keep off the pressure.The current problem I am facing will relate to many who have two kids especially in younger age group.When I sit dedicatedly after finishing my work to help her with studies , my younger daughter starts disturbing us she even goes to the extent of pushing herself between us and misplacing the books or bringing up toys to play.She wants my entire attention and instead of her sister studying she wants me to do her studies.

Another thing with the younger child they are quick graspers , she tries to listen and grasp what I teach the elder one though its 4 years older than her .To keep her off tantrums I let her join us sometimes just recite something with us or let her see those illustrations and listen to explanations.The eagerness to be part of the group study is what pulls them to learn when they see another learning.

The best part is after we finished a topic we would talk or try to recollect it , and my younger one would very eagerly show her interest by speaking out words she listened to , sometimes repeat those poems or topics like a parrot, she didn’t understand much of. Its this interest to be a part of group learning that actually forms the base of knowledge exchange in a more interest based environment .

Group study with friends or siblings is a great way to enhance knowledge.It makes them feel part of the knowledge sharing and develops curiousity to discover and know more , this keeps them open to learning with least effort.They also develop a healthy competition and exchange of ideas and thoughts in their own words.

Children learn best among children and when they exchange their thoughts in their language , they are more open to listening to other kids than to adults.We need to tap this to help kids grow being among them.

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