My Journal 2. Routine

One problem being a homemaker is getting bored of the same routine and tasks that too in a continuous manner without any change or breaks . It becomes such a routine after sometime even when your mind is occupied , still a part of brain easily controls your movements to keep the work going .These times help you strike a lot of conversation within oneself also keep you engaged without letting you get bored or give up on the task.

These routines are important part of life it is what keeps time ticking , moving other dependent works and makes the other day workable. What if we skip a days routine , it would build up for the next day , will be hurdle for the next days task or routine , you will be working on more than you can handle in a day , this may also lead to some disappointments or frustrations or sometimes skipping some parts that still cant be accomplished.

Sometimes these routines are not important for you alone but it is what keeps others routines and lives linked with yours to keep moving . You take a break , its a chaos in their life. Sometimes skipping those routine costs greater in terms of health or well being.

But then its impossible to continue the same in a monotonous way . May be we can find ways to juggle or work with intermittent breaks to keep us positive and motivated like following a hobby or reading or spending time with family and get back to those routines . If you don’t want to feel the pressure take time out and manage keeping it flexible than rigid .

Sometimes routines become so important or focused , many areas of life get ignored, that doesn’t fall into the routine time table .Whether be it incorporating new ideas or making shift for a new hobby or looking into relationships and rethinking ways.

Routine is a necessity to keep life going but without renewed thinking there is no life in the routine . Every now and then take a time out , be flexible , rethink new ways to make place for more in your routine.

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