My Journal 1. The Kite

man wearing blue shirt flying kite

“My Journal” i will write about those small little things that cross my attention during different times of the day . That keep me engaged and pondering when i am on my own or with my daily chores .These small things help me connect to some great lessons or connect to life in some way.These are my pieces of reflection , pondering and imagination Hope you relate to them.

Now its kite flying time here in India with the right weather , winds and festival of Makar Sankranti soon. I don’t know other connections about kite nor have i played much during my young days , but we got some for our kids and flew them in our building terrace. My husband has much experience in all these parts of life ,lucky him to have lived his childhood to fullest.

This was first time i actually saw and myself made a kite fly , with my husbands help for sure . The entire process from making the right holes in the kite , to tying the thread knots , reading the shape of the kite wether its a stable one or will take more heights, the different quality of threads.

Now when beginning with giving it the right start by giving it a push to catch the wind and achieve that swing or make that friendship with wind. Then the link between the kite and us ,the thread, how pulling it and sometimes letting go , checking the flight and the wind gives it right soar and maintain its position with the wind.

And the fun part steering the kite with the thread in your hand though you cant escape or ignore the direction of wind .We never did the kite cutting part which i have seen others do , it may involve even more strategies , complexities and competitive spirit .But with whatever and how much ever i learnt with this kite flying helped me connect to life .

How we all need a right start in the right direction . How many factors contribute or need to be checked for like the wind direction , the kite and the thread type , our capability to judge when to let go and pull back , yes all this comes with practice and mastered with time. Sometimes you may loose many kites in the learning process .So is with life and kids it looks simple when seeing another fly the kite unless you have one in your hand and the responsibility to put it up there and take the right steps to keep it flying ,though the thread is in your hand you are not the sole owner or decider of its flight .Lessons are all around us we just need to live it.

Hope you liked my journal .Let me know your thoughts. Do keep reading and visiting my blog. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “My Journal 1. The Kite

  1. Very good Gayatri👍. Kite flying teaches us many
    lessons on life as you mentioned. ‘ when to let go’, ‘friendship with the wind’. ‘to keep it flying’ are all lessons. Please keep journaling more.

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