A Boasting King

black chalkboard with medical mask

The self declared king ,
In his palace of dreams.
Treating his subjects ,
like his slaves.
As they bow down
to attend his meeeting.
His power at peak
Only In his courtrooms.
Where he puts up a show
of his stupidity
and vain ego.

They praise him,
Fear his wrath,
Put up an act,
For his tyranny,
A self made story.

The boasting king
Sits in his throne,
never to leave the palace.

He sends his soldiers
For the kill fight.
While he maintains
his persona of a perfect being.

The boasting king
has a group of slaves
to salute and sing his praise
so that he feels secured in his place.

Anything that threatens
his throne,
A fear he always bore
he sends words far and wide,
to finish it,
without even putting up a fight.
All his plans and pawns in place
For he has nothing more
than a self elated ego.

The spectators
who enjoy the scene
like a gladiator event
entertaining them to see.
Only till they are not
the one who is in the ring.

A boasting king has handful of slaves
to serve the self declared hero.

A lesson learnt
story every child knows
wolves attack in packs
the cunning way
And a true lion fights alone.

A lesson of time
when the crowds
will rise
the boasting king
and his handful of men
Will be thrown
To fall on the soil.

If you have ever stood up against a bully for self or others drop in a comment .Let every other fighting feel stronger.

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