Tips for Solving Activities with young kids

When dealing with young kids and sitting down together to solve activities the most common mistake is unable to see from Childs perspective or use language for the child to understand and solve the activity. Directing them or passing instructions or reading out a question doesn’t get the right response or doesn’t gets through them correctly. What is important to understand is that what looks easy or understandable for us needs to be reframed into more understandable and assimilable form right for their age and level of thinking. We need to understand their knowledge is limited , its only with practice and errors they will know more.

  • Don’t directly read out the activity or question or pass instruction.
  • Learn to break the activity into intermittent steps or details to looked from child perspective
  • Only solving with the child doesn’t make sense unless the child finds out or knows how to go around it , help them know how to solve it , what is expected , how should they progress , what should be done to get to final answer.
  • Help them make connections in activity: the elements , what was known , how to apply it , help them answer parts of it and correct them with explanation so that they know what needs to be focused and errors to look out for.
  • At first time you should work out every little step on your own and show them than just speak about it or showing them in illustrations.
  • Help them to form right conclusion , the right words , logical connections of steps taken, and analyze it similar scenarios.
  • Always reframe questions in understandable way as per their comfortable language sometimes to know what actually is being asked or how two almost similar questions could be different. Best is always support with examples to show differentiations.
  • Last after all this has been done give them time alone with a mixed up activities to see where they have messed up or are still confused , let them make errors and they will know how it wont be repeated . Though give them enough time and chances for practice not all kids can grasp at one attempt .

Next time you sit with a young kid to solve activity don’t get upset if they don’t get it , take a change in approach and help them get around it . After all these first few steps even the most difficult and critical ones when guided right , they know how to do their work on their own.

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