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Sometimes we expose our children only to goodness, to the experience of perfect things around ,keeping them in comfort zones , exposing them only to one part of reality or their small good world. This can be a disadvantage when they are on their own to face the real world . We train them to see good, believe good, show them good. This creates an impression in their mind sometimes of the bigger world out there. It important to show them there are more sides than to what they are seeing or experiencing .

How another extremes of situations do exist in this world ? How its a real fight even if they wont ever face it ? How there are children who are victims or subject to different situations or circumstances or unpleasant encounters ? How what’s basic necessity for one defines as luxury for another due to scarcity ? We tell them about rules that may fall trap in real situations ? Its important to explain them entire scenario of what’s exists and beyond it, that was never seen but still exists?.

Show them the world outside , the various factors effecting humankind , the various challenges that exist for some but not for others , the various restrictions that still exist in some parts of the globe , the freedom they enjoy and how valuable it is .Its important for them not every sweet talker is a friend , not every troubled person is in need of help , how it doesn’t matter whether you are on right or wrong side , sides are already taken , you cant change somebody to think or be on your side. There are various activities or malicious things that run around and how many people fall prey or get trapped into these. Sometimes it will be just you on your own. Sometimes its important to believe in yourself than expect others to understand and give an explanation to every other person.

Not only this helps to develop children level headed , to be grateful of having the better side of everything and how its their responsibility to value to it and make it happen for more others. For this kids at young age need not only be given comfort and facilities but also to value it . How its not a privilege but a responsibility and a chance . The world has much larger problems , restrictions , issues , for people who live in such stressed environment. Telling them about how our planet has been over utilized of it resources and how its has started to show effects on our living .This is not for creating a negative mindset but at a right time and age keeping them aware of the real world and keeping a reality check to help them accept the truth. Its for their own safety , progress and peaceful living in the times to come. Because parents can best tell their children about reality more than anyone else without any bias or negative mindset.

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