Raw or Refined

two yellow and red lego toys

They say don’t judge a book by its cover
Yet speak of first impressions make the everlasting opinions

They say Just be yourself And be accepted
Yet everybody refined to put their best foot forward

Raw is simplicity
Refined is polished.
Simplicity connects to the heart
As Polished to the sense.

When Raw,
Not having to impress
to get compliments
to get approval
to get included

Now refined All alike ,working units
In the process, True value lost,
Only a set of rules and craft

Now the identity is hollow,
As its all that you follow.
When you were raw ,
you followed your heart.
You were all you ,
Nobody else could be.
Now its all ,what they want you to be.


5 thoughts on “Raw or Refined

  1. Good one. We lose our true identity in our mad race for refinement and in the process kill our innocence. We are daily subjecting ourselves to forces/elements who reframe and reshape us. And ultimately we blame fate for everything🤔😊