Big Skills – 4. Managing Emotions

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We need to manage our emotions for that come in terms with them , identify them, process and manage, reflect on them and our reactions , learning to express in the right way to right person and at right time. Managing emotions needs you to reflect two major areas one is knowing yourself – emotions , feelings and the second is working on the reactions self and others .As parents this is no less struggle to manage our emotions around our children but we need to for our health and for our kids, as they learn from how well we can manage our emotions. At times these emotions are so strong we need to put in all that we can ,not to go down the path we may regret or cause damage .

Asking questions to self about your feelings , what actually started it ..notice and identify the emotions we feel at a given scenario. Identifying helps to work on them and gain better control. We need to pause and ask ourselves more about our feelings and the situation to help regulate better. Evaluating various questions like What am I feeling right now?, What made me feel so ?Are there other angles or points u have missed from your or other side? What would i like to do to react to those feelings? Is there a reaction necessary or better ways of coping with the feeling?

Accept the emotions don’t judge them or label them as good or bad. Why we feel the way we do, its ok to feel that way in a certain situation. Its human to feel in a certain way and we need to accept them as a part of us to know when we experience them or react in a certain way. This helps us to feel them but at the same time gives information about our self to work on ways to handle them or stop them from going extreme. Sometimes you just talk yourself out reminding that you don’t react in wrong ways.

Knowing when or whom express your feelings. Yes whatever you feel cant be expressed in the same manner at all times or to everybody in same manner. Sometimes you need to restraint and to give a reaction no matter how intense the emotions are because there is a place and time for everything . We need to be aware of the person and the surrounding we are to decide whether to let out or wait for the feeling inside, or find a better way to express them. This is especially true when we are official surroundings.

Learning to react thinking of all the consequences and choosing when and how to express. Sometimes emotions are stronger than the self control leading to paths or reactions we may regret. Choose how you would react instead getting to pushed by emotions and hence be wise. Deciding when its the right to express or when you need to hold to give it a better chance. Knowing and evaluating the option you chose to react how will it effect us and the others around and the reaction you may get in response.

Follow self regulations or self advocacy with your feelings not suppressing and repressing your emotions. We need to experience them than deny their existence or prevent oneself from experiencing them. This may leads to many health problems if we do not let a healthy way to out or experience our emotions , bottled up inside like anxiety , depression , sleep issues , substance misuse. Sometimes talk to someone you trust thus expressing your emotions and keeping the balance between extreme and no emotions.

Decide what feelings to act on and calm upset emotions. Take deep Breath , relaxation, sleep ,meditation , distractions or entertainment or hobbies because sometimes its just about coping with your inner thoughts and feelings more than giving an reaction .

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