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Powerless it may seem

woman in purple shirt covering her face with her hand

Powerless it may seem
in the face of power
As one takes order
Follows the superior
Has his voice shut
Opinions unheard
Position misused
Weak subdued

Powerless it may seem
their plots and plans at work
a perfect coverup
all those schemes
very well concealed
with great tact and finesse
everything sealed

Still fight with all your will
Till your mind never submits
No matter how little
Do the best to move mountains so big
Raise your voice
Its enough to strike
It may take time
sometimes costs a lifetime
choose your ways
it wont be just always

Dont give in the face of power
The power lies within
Put on a fight
With all your might
And see it fall in
No power is stronger
In the face of the braver being


6 thoughts on “Powerless it may seem

  1. Uplifting and Inspirational

    1. Thank you , means a lot .