Changing Trends Short Story – 3. Virtually Growing

faceless girl watching tv on wicker stool at home

The videos put up ,playlist set, running in loops for the child to keep engaged till they finish their duties and regular work. Its not easy to cater to all , growing requirements , changing economy , lifestyle and priorities so keeping the child occupied becomes a necessity. They want to finish it as soon as possible but it never ends seems and goes on for hours before they can go back to the kid.

The kid spends hours watching and repeating his head filled with all those stuff more than words from seeing and hearing the living . Now its a routine and turns into liking or only that is connecting. Just as this series of watching done, now handed over a handheld thing .This device is more interesting it keep responding , all those bright colors and thrills and games keeps the time ticking .

Now eyes don’t move not when he eats , not when someone speaks all of him engrossed in those screen. Like a time before no more peak boo , those dreamy talks , questions to sort , stories to listen , play with toys ., running around the house , messing up things , jumping on couch. The child learn all those skills virtually with never actually been .This makes the eyes strain , over tire the brains , stun growth in those critical domains. The child unaware the damage its going to do but then its all that he has, to get him through. He is virtually growing than around real living.

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