Changing Trends Short Story – 2. The Firm

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The perfectly organized home no less than a firm , with well set defined roles each catering to their jobs that suits their profile best. They know when to take their time outs its just one device to the other keeping them engaged . They have planned and put in the best resources for they know its a tough competition ahead for the child needs to be trained in all that gives an edge .

The child has his parts too, well defined not only that all his time too, very well designed , he holds no freedom to whatsoever, for they are doing is for his best future. There are also outings , celebrations , get together , even shopping all planned and handled well just like a personal holiday planner . There are no deviation, a small change in plans or missing those routines or want to take up something is like making stocks fall . No one misses those schedules cos these are training to prepare the child to secure the future , make a mark and be among the stars.

There are so many rules how to behave , whom to talk , what is allowed and all is time bound. His toys and gifts lie there with dust in cupboards packed as brand as they were new never found a way to use for all his time is ruled. The child attends more than one class for he has to be trained and multiskilled cos the competition ahead is high and he needs to sustain.The pilots make sure none of the training is missed after all its an investment for the flight of dreams .

At times the child sneaks out of the window with little time he finds to see those chatting , playing , some in gardens and swings , some pushing , some dreaming , some aimlessly running , spirits so free they seem . He wished to be among them sometimes lie see those leave fall , sometimes count the unending stars , sometimes curious and ask , let time pass like waiting in a lounge, free from future fears just living the present so dear.

He has no way out, the calculations done and plans made for the successful venture ,.The house runs no less than a firm perfectly scheduled , clearly outlined roles and resources well set .With clear moto of achieving success based on investments to survive the competition ahead .

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