Changing Trends Short Story – 1. Outsourced Homes

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Its morning , with alarms set at different intervals, so as to get all going with their goals . Getting ready for their places to go, with syncing routines without clashing. The maid arrived at her destined time , a small greet and she too in the rush , for the menu set and time limited for everybody’s tiffin’s . Everybody busy with their chores and getting ready at their best , for they are to go to meet their scores. Its no less tension for the elders as they have a meeting coming up either a presentation or targets more . Thoughts so occupied and focused on the days effort.

Its time for the kid to wake up as the alarm rings again , the mother moves him from his sheets to start with his daily basics. No time for a hug or sweet talk to wake those sleepy eyes with a grateful heart., just words to get going for its late for all running. Nobody has time to ask him about the day ahead, if the child has any tasks to prepare , whether all good with friends and learning , does he need a helping hand . The child wants to say and share , ask and show, but now its time for all to go and everybody sets out to their destined place.

The kid makes it through the day at the school now its time , back to care home cos nobody to take care back home. Nobody bothers to ask him of the day at that place or help him with his bags , shoes and dress ; guess its better that way the child learns to be independent and responsible that way. The lunch is served among them he eats sometimes lost in screens , no words what he likes to eat, there isn’t much choice it seems. In the wait for evening snacks an order placed from the same app .Now off to tuitions with 20 more crowding , tutor tells something but soon gets engaged with another thing . Having done what was told, not a mention or clearing of those questions he holds.

Now back to the alien planet waiting for spaceship to arrive to take him back home where there’s liberty and comfy resides. The spaceship arrives now back to native planet .Together they go back tired carrying their days journey. Not knowing what to ping each other they just signal everything is in sync.

The same routine back home dress up , clean up ,dine, stretch and entertainment for all, but still no exchanges about the day at all . At the most sometimes pops a question , about the whereabouts , as if asking a passerby lost in thoughts .Everything is planned , set in place , outsourced with price paid, for nothing goes unnoticed ,with all facilities right in place. But still, the child misses something- the words to comfort him , hugs to warm him , heart ful help to guide him and of most love to grow him.

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