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green and white court with badminton rackets

I have had this opportunity and fortunate enough to have played a sport through my young years to college, though i have also got to learnt swimming and been able to access to a setup that provides a complete varied setup of various sports. I played badminton for really long time in a proper court sometimes with really experienced and professional sometimes with friends and sibling. I still cant say i was great but was more than average in the sport. I never took it up or had the chance or support to take it up professionally but helped me get some recognition during my college. After that never had the chance to even play or pursue it again.

But there is something it taught me which became a part of my life after that forever . Sports followed as interest or professionals teach a lot and bring in a major change as we look or deal with life .Following sports in young years develops critical thinking , strategic thinking , physical endurance ,resilience , learning from others , learning to work as a team , competitive spirit in a healthy way and much more. Some basic things it helped me develop are strength , agility , strategic thinking , critical thinking , increased physical stamina and flexibility etc.

These are some ways being part of the sport helped me develop those skills:

  • Understanding the game , its variants – doubles and singles , the rules accordingly differ and so does the point system, differing strategies.
  • Self Awareness – knowing ones weakness and strength well . Not having a fixed pattern of playing so that you are not easily predictable to identify your next moment or your base strategy.
  • Endurance and Resilience – That’s part of all sports , especially when your at the face of loss the opponent reaching the end point and still you don’t give up till its done.
  • Building strategies on the go- Understanding your opponent and their strategy attacking their weak points and knowing their strength. Predicting their next move .
  • Team – When playing doubles you need to develop this relation with your partner where you work as two people with one mind. You play in in one side of the court covering up for each other when needed understanding where to fill up , what the partner is up to and how you have to be ready to respond .
  • Competitive spirit – Win or loss is part of the game , there will be more chances , take the loss as lesson and win as another game.

I know in current times we all are in limited environment , but do help your kids take up sports both indoor and outdoor , single and team sports , strategic and physical as a part of their life . The developments and changes it bring into life are manifold somethings that last for a life time.

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